Henderson Animal Care Hospital

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If your pet has been discharged with a bandage, whether after surgery, a sprain, or for wound management, please read the following instructions very carefully as bandage maintenance is very important.  If these instructions are not followed, your pet could obtain an infection or loss of circulation and possibly loose its limb.  Make sure you bring your pet into the clinic for his/her scheduled bandage change to avoid any complications.

  • Limit activity to supervised activity on a leash
  • Make sure then bandage does NOT get wet or dirty.  If this happens, it needs to be changed immediately
  • Place a zip lock baggie or purchase a "bootie" at the local pet store in order to keep the bandage protected when taking your pet outside
  • Check the bandage daily for signs of irritation
  • If your pet licks or chews at the bandage, discomfort may be present, and we will need to see your pet immediately
  • If you notice any swelling of the toes or soft tissue surrounding the bandage, please contact us.  The bandage needs to be removed.
  • If you notice a foul odor or any redness, please call us.

Bandages are necessary in certain situations, however, the at home care is in your hands.  Please notify us if you notice any of the above mentioned problems.