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Heartworm Treatment

at home care instructions


Your pet has just received an injection of a strong medication in its lumbar muscles.  This medication was given to slowly kill the adult heartworms in your dog.  It is VERY important that you follow these instructions while your pet is at home.


  • The number 1 rule to follow is LIMITED EXERCISE!
  •    - As the adult worms die in your dog's heart, they may break off into large pieces and move quickly into the arteries of the lungs.  This can cause a thromboembolism and sudden death.  The more quiet your dog remains during treatment, the less likely they are to develop a thromboembolism.  Leash walks to urinate and defecate, as well as strict kennel confinement until your veterinarian releases your pet.


    If your pet develops any excessive coughing while at home, please notify us immediately.

    If your pet begins panting or breathing rapidly while at rest, please notify us immediately.

    Your pet may experience slight pain and inflammation at the injection site.  Your pet may go home with pain medicaitons.  If you believe your pet is in pain or uncomfortable when they are at home, and they did not receive pain medication, let us know.  We can prescribe some for you.

    It is also very important that we see your dog for recheck appointments.  We might be able to detect complications at this time.


    If you have any further questions, please visit The American Heartworm Society website, or read our description of heartworms on our website.