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Your pet has had an operation that involved oepning her abdomen and removing the uterus and both ovaries.  Absorbable sutures were used inside the abdomen.  Her after care requires apecial precautions and follow up home care under your supervision.  These instructions are listed below.  A decreased appetite for one or two days following surgery may be normal.  However, if any of the following symptoms should occur, please contact our office at 903-657-9212:


1.  Loss of appetite for more than 2 days

2.  Not drinking water

3.  Depression or weakness

4.  Diarrhea or vomiting

5.  Moist incision site

6.  Red or swollen incision site


DIET: Feed a regular diet when your pet returns home.  Offer water normally. 


ACTIVITY: Pleae restrict activity to indoors or other clean, dry, confined area.  Walk outside on a leash only.  No running, jumping, or traveling up or down stairs.


Care of Incision: Check the incision 2-3 times a day for any swelling, drainage or opening of the incision.  A mild amount of swelling and redness is normal, but a large amount of swelling is not.  If you notice any of these conditions, please contact us at 903-657-9212.  Discourage licking and chewing at incision and do not allow the incision to become soiled.  If necessary, an elizabethan collar can be purchased and placed until healing is complete.


Medication: Pain medicine may be dispensed.  If so, please give as directed on the label.


Other Instructions: External sutures are not present.  All sutures placed in the skin are absorbable and hidden beneath the skin.  This allows for minimal swelling and pain, as well as a more cosmetic scar.